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Our Buddies have experience with mental health challenges and use this experience to support others.

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Who is a Buddy?

Our Buddies are trained primary respondents who will listen to your struggles and Provide confidential and non-judgmental support. Our Buddies have experienced mental health challenges as young people. They’ve been on their own journey to recovery and use their experience to support others.
All Buddies have undergone training and have expertise in facilitating.

What do buddies do?

Buddies are here to listen and empower you by doing the following:

  • Help you explore a situation and come up with different solutions
  • Understand your experience and where you’re coming from
  • Support you to effectively manage challenges

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Some issues you might want to chat about

friends, family and other relationships

work, school or uni

stress, anxiety and other concerns about your wellbeing

alcohol, drug or other substance use

societal and cultural identity

and more...